Always Ready 24/7

Always Ready 24/7
Always Ready 24/7

25 years of experience training dogs with high standards

K9 and other specialized dog training

Better dogs with Always Ready 24/7

Police & Military Dog Training

Tracking, Apprehension, Narcotics, Explosives, Firearms, among others.

Search & rescue dog training

Search people alive, and human remains, among others.

Obedience & agility dog training

Basic, intermediate, advanced obedience, protection and more.

Doggy Day Care & Boarding

Air conditioning, private outdoor access, grooming, etc.

Technical rescue training

Rope, confined space, structural collapse, swift water and more.

Logistics & simulators construction:

Assessments exercises, disasters and collapsed structures among others.

Sports-oriented dog training:

French ring, Schutzhund, KNPV, monitoring and more.

K-9 detection: Explosives

narcotics, currency, firearms, human and bed bugs.